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Louisville Children's Museum Competition

Louisville, Kentucky


As a museum dedicated to the interests of children, the focus of The Sweetness is to create a novel architectural expression of fun, delight and amusement by exploring something children find irresistible - CANDY! Unlike other children’s museums that simply use literal interpretations of objects children find interesting (dinosaurs, airplanes, etc) into the architecture, the project leverages the qualities and characteristics latent in candy as a precedent for architectural expressions of atmosphere, program and form. By considering such qualities as gumminess, softness, color, translucency, and texture the project begins to curate a stimulating experience for children, parents and even the larger urban community.

Formally and programmatically the building considers the idea of gumminess as a way to create spaces and blur the distinction between types. Just as kids love to wander and explore, The Sweetness creates a landscape where spaces, programs (or “flavors”) bleed into each other. Contrary to “grown-up” museums where walls are needed to display art, children’s’ museums engage the ground planes with interactive exhibits. This allows us to reconsider the role of the wall and use ETFE panels to provide a compelling museum experience.

Visualization by our good friends at nephew