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Oilcloth - Interior
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Warming Huts at the Forks Competition Entry

Winnepeg, Canada


You'd Prefer an Astronaut combines the art of textile design and upholstery craft with the architectural function of shelter and warmth. Based on the concept of the common puffy winter jacket, the project explores the formal opportunities of insulating a comfortable interior from the chilly exterior environment. Like a puffy jacket, You'd Prefer an Astronaut creates a soft cushioned rest space with a protective outer layer and a colorful, warm inner layer. The shelter is constructed from waterproof round bolster cushions (upholstery foam covered in oilcloth) wrapped around and attached to a simple wooden frame.

The project performs as a barrier to the low winter temperatures and biting wind, and produces a warm, vibrant and reenergizing respite for the travelers of the Forks Rivertrail.